October 22, 2010 — October 11, 2011
  • Happy Day of Jeroboam!
  • Celebrating the one-year anniversary of The Household of Seth, Sethian School of Gnosis.
  • Introducing http://www.gnosis.co/. May this Internet domain serve in publishing the much-needed truth for many years to come.
  • Written & published specially for the occasion: this most Gnostic & holy version of our Lord's Prayer, called Our Father (Allogenes).
Our Father
Father of our Other Race,
——Set be Thine own Name;
Father o’er Another Place,
——Let come Thy Domain:

Hither by we pass this place,
——Yet Thy Will be same;
How Thee guide our daily pace,
——Debt may no one claim:

Whither by we run the race,
——Met with evil Cain...
Thou hast saved us from his face;
Thou hast saved us by Thy Grace!

We Acknowledge
(Dodeka Logia)
We Acknowledge:

Α. the Existence of The One.
Β. Our Pre-Earthly Existence.
Γ. the Copies of Bodies From Adam-Seth-Enosh.
Δ. a Good Tree Cannot Bring Forth Evil Fruit, [...].
Ε. This World, and Its God, as Inherently Evil.
Ζ. First Adultery Came Into the World, Then Murder, [...].
Η. the People is Destroyed For Lack of Knowledge.
Θ. the Lying Pen of the Scribes Has Wrought Falsely.
Ι. His Sheep Hear His Voice, [...].
Κ. Those Who Seek Should Not Stop Seeking Until They Find.
Λ. Understanding of Things Earthly is Prerequisite to Understanding of Things Heavenly.
Μ. it is Not Acceptable to Cast the Children's Bread to the Dogs, [...].

In the name of Joshua!
In the name of Mariam!
In the name of Ephraim!
Even in the name of Seth!

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